Once a laser beam suffers from angular dispersion, its spectral components propagate into different directions. Hence, in the focal plane of an objective lens, the focal spot will be enlarged and distorted compared to an angular dispersion-free beam of the same size. The shape of the intensity distribution will be uniquely characteristic to spectral angular deviation.

CE Optics’ new product, CEO-2D-AD offers a 2D solution for angular dispersion measurement. The broadband beam is spectrally filtered in order to create well separated peaks in the spectrum. Since these components are still overlapping spatially, we use an achromatic lens to image them onto a two-dimensional detector. In this way, the spectrally separated components of an angularly dispersed beam will appear as dissociated spots on the surface of the detector according to the orientation of the angular dispersion.

This solution allows for a quick and iteration-free alignment of stretcher-compressor stages of CPA systems; or even for applications like THz wave generation or attosecond lighthouse monitoring.




Measurement accuracy .

better than 1 μrad/nm

better than 0.42 μrad/nm

Fabry-Perot design

air-spaced, fixed base length

air-spaced, fixed base length

Fabry-Perot spacing

27 nm

17 nm

Support grating

ruled, 600 1/mm

ruled, 300 1/mm

Detector resolution



Detector S/N ratio

38 dB

62 dB

Pixel size

4.65 μm

4.4 μm


USB 2.0

USB 2.0




Measurement software



Custom designs available to suit your needs best.