Two dimensional imaging spectrograph for arbitrary applications of ultrashort pulse characterization – especially dispersion measurement by spectrally and spatially resolved interferometry with PhADIM-D

CEO-2D-800 and CEO-2D-800-V are ultimate tools in any Ti:Sapphire laser laboratory. Designed for spectrally and spatially resolved interferometry (SSRI), these spectrographs are capable to measure angular and material dispersion with extreme high accuracy (with the additional use of PhADIM-D). They are also compatible with conventional pulse characterization techniques, like FROGand SEA-SPIDER; and beyond that, they open a way to unlimited experimental applications.

CEO-2D-800-V offers a variable wavelength range, which is inevitable when accurate spectral measurements needed for pulses with diverse bandwidths. Our device can be switched easily between three different wavelength ranges.


CEO-2D-800 CEO-2D-800-V
Wavelength range: 740-860 nm 735-865 nm 700-900 nm 670-930 nm
Spectral resolution: 0.1 nm 0.1 nm 0.15 nm 0.2 nm
Spatial range: 6.9 mm 6.7 mm 10 mm 13.5 mm
Spatial resolution: 6.7 µm 6.5 µm 9.7 µm 13 µm
Detector type: CMOS CCD
Detector resolution: 1280x1024 1360x1024


IEEE1394A (Firewire) IEEE1394A (Firewire)
Triggerable: yes yes
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH): 250x210x110 250x210x110

A basic software is provided to capture images in various formats (ascii, bmp, tiff, png, jpg).


  • 2D Imaging spectograph
  • Triggerable
  • Basic driver software


  • FRINGER software for evaluation of SSRI interferograms
  • PhADIM-S for SSRI dispersion measurements
  • MePS, high accuracy beam rotator for 2D charactersiation of the beam.

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