Measurement of Carrier Envelope Offset Phase Drift by a Linear Transmission Ring

Our new, patented linear CEOLiT is designed for accurate measurement of carrier envelope offset phase (CEP) drift of an ultrashort pulse train. The basic principle is that the spectral transmission of an ultrastable transmission ring with appropriately chosen length uniquely depends on the CEP drift of the pulse train.

Since the technique is fully linear CEOLiT provides a unique possibility to explore CEP drift of weak pulses at extreme wavelengths from VUV to IR. Moreover, the bandwidth of the light pulses can be considerably narrower than an octave.

Schematic design of hte CEOLIT


Accuracy of CEP drift measurement1): @800 nm:

<86 mrad

@1030 nm:

<54 mrad

@1550 nm:

<36 mrad

Rep. rate of pulse train (MHz)2):


Min.number of pulses in the train3):


Spectral range (μm)1),3):

0.15 – 20

Clear aperture beam diameter (mm)3):


Dimensions in mm (L×W×H):

575 X 370 X 150

Weight (kg):


1)Depends on the specifications of the spectrometer. The displayed value is for valid for spectrograph with a spectral resolution of 0.3 nm and center wavelength at 800 nm.
2)For other repetition ranges, please contact CE Optics.
3)Depends on the set of mirrors and beam splitters chosen for the given pulse train.

Custom designs available to suit your needs best.

Stability charts

Long-term Lenght Stability Phase Noise Density Chart


  • 2D Imaging spectograph
  • Triggerable
  • Basic driver software



  • FRINGER software for evaluation of SSRI interferograms
  • PhADIM-S for SSRI dispersion measurements
  • MePS, high accuracy beam rotator for 2D charactersiation of the beam.

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