Full dispersion measurement with FRINGER apowerful 2D interferogram processing software.

There are numerous ways how Spectrally and Spatially Resolved Interferometry (SSRI) can be useful for you. Designed for capturing and evaluation of spectrally and spatially resolved interference fringes, Fringer can measure spectral phase shift and angular dispersion of ultrashort pulses by extreme accuracy. The two-dimensional feature of the detector allows you to explore any spatial dependence along the beam diameter. Real-time evaluation of the interference patterns and triggered exposition of images are also possible with CEOptics’ Fringer.

Although an SSRI measurement requires a two-beam interferometer with the object of interest positioned into the sample arm before the spectrograph; non-interferometric measurements also provide great opportunity for beam diagnostics and alternative angular dispersion measurement (with only an extra achromat needed for focusing).

Possible optical layouts for measurements with FRINGER

Phase dispersion measurement feature

Angular dispersion measurement feature


Group delay (GD) 3):


-300 to 300 fs
0.5 %

Group delay dispersion (GDD) 3):


-103 to 103 fs2
1 %

Third order dispersion (TOD) 3):


-4·104 to 4·104 fs3
3 %

Fourth order dispersion (FOD) 3):


-107 to 107 fs3
15 %

Propagation direction angular dispersion 3), 4):

0.1 µrad/nm

Phase front angular dispersion 3):

< 0.1 µrad/nm

Spectral range 3):

150 nm – 20 µm

Image formats:

bmp, jpeg, png, tif, ascii

Operation system 5):

Windows XP, Linux

Minimum system requirements 5):

P4 processor, 1GB RAM

1) Inverted Mach-Zehnder Interferometer: PhADIM
2) Available on request
3) The range and accuracy depend on the specifications of the imaging spectrograph. The displayed values are for colour depth of 10 bit, spectral resolution of 0.1 nm, spatial resolution of 3.3 μm and around 800 nm.
4) For an achromatic lens of a focal length 50 cm and a beam size of 3 mm.
5) Depends also on the detector specifications of the spectrograph.


  • Captures and evaluates interferograms
  • High precision measurement of material dispersion and angular dispersions
  • Triggerable
  • Real time operation
  • Save images in various formats
  • Cross section evaluation
  • Region of interest (ROI)
  • Easy control of camera functions
  • Requires low input laser power / pulse energy


  • PhADIM a phase front angular disperion measurement unit.
  • MePS, high accuracy beam rotator for 2D charactersiation of the beam.
  • Combined with a real
    2D spectrograph (e.g. CEO-2D-800 by CEOptics).

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