Mechanical Polarization Switch, the broadband high power polarization rotator

The device is based on the principle of the simple polarization rotating periscope. Using a flip mirror and 90o rotation of the device, the polarization and the orientation direction of the beam profile of almost any type of laser can be changed by 90o without affecting the optical path length. The standard 1”-diameter mirrors are replaceable to adapt to different wavelength ranges and wavelength discrimination can be achieved using dichroic optics.



< 0.1 mrad

Polarization purity:

> 106

Clear aperture beam diameter in mm 1):


Wavelength range in µm 2) :

0.15– 20 µm

Transmission 2):

> 99 %

Wavefront distortion 2):

< l/10

Damage threshold 2):

cw: 1 MW/cm2 ; pulsed: 20 J/cm2

Dimension of the rotating head in mm (L×W×H)

142 × 82 × 65

Outer dimensions in mm (L×W×H)

200 × 120 × 110

1): Larger beam diameters available upon request.
2): Depends on the mirror set.

Polarization maintaining position

Polarization rotating posit

A basic software is provided to capture images in various formats (ascii, bmp, tiff, png, jpg).


  • Switching between two polarization states
  • Broadband UV, visible, near-IR or IR
  • High-power capability
  • Large aperture
  • Excellent transmission
  • Excellent extinction ratio
  • Excellent for ultrashort pulses and extreme wavelengths


  • FRINGER software for evaluation of SSRI interferograms
  • PhADIM-S for SSRI dispersion measurements
  • MePS, high accuracy beam rotator for 2D charactersiation of the beam.

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